Saturday 22 October 2016

Fall Flowers in Vancouver

The Fall of 2016 marked the first full season I've had with Fall blooming bulbs in the ground, as I had bought many of them in the Fall of 2015. One I bought was a bust - Crocus zonatus - which I heard was virused anyways. I tried that in both the Vancouver garden and at Inukshuk, as it was reported to be very hardy. It did not come up in either garden.

Anyway, in Vancouver, Cyclamen hederifolium led the charge, starting to bloom even before the end of July. Colchicum autumnale came at the end of August and into September. I discussed these in a recent post. Crocus followed, starting in late September, and in addition to the Cyclamen, I think this is a genus I could really get interested in!

This is was sold as Crocus cartwrightianus by a very reputable mail order nursery, but it looks like C. speciosus. September 26.

More of that so-called Crocus cartwrightianus.

Crocus pulchellus in the scree garden on September 26.

Another Crocus pulchellus. Seems to do okay in pure Sechelt Sand.

This is Crocus sativus, aka Saffron. The anthers are used as that very expensive spice. This did not bloom till early October and disappears quickly.

Crocus speciosus on October 20 between rainshowers.

Crocus ochroleucus also o October 20, suffering a bit from slug damage. Still, I love these last two.

One more of Crocus ochroleucus.